Teams work better when they play together

We’re serious about having fun.
One thing we’ve learned over three decades of planning travel incentives, meetings and events is that all work and no play sure takes the shine off reporting to the office. What’s to be done?

Jack up the fun factor with a customized program that suits your people and your budget. Get down with team building, pump up the high performers, push out the brand, pull in the loyalty.

Draw a large winner’s circle, and on the count of three, encourage every level of your team to take one giant leap forward.
Reinvent. Revitalize. Surprise.

A Slogan is a Slogan is a Slogan!

Skepticism is a natural and frequent human response to a Statement of Values, Mission Statement or Slogan so we hesitated before adopting our Know More, Care More and Do More tag line several years ago.

The more we thought about it, however, the more it fit! Meridican has always had a goal of constant improvement and thus it made sense that the Know More, Care More and Do More mantra summed up how we move forward every day.

We are active in a field with many great competitors and if we stood on our laurels we’d be passed and left in the dust, but our team wants to continue to lead in our industry and more importantly in the eyes of our clients.

So, each day we strive to Know More, Care More and Do More.

What does that mean to our clients?

They can feel confident that our teams are constantly striving to learn so that we can bring new technology, new designs and new destinations to their incentives and events.

They understand that our team is their team and our success is dependent on their success. We work tirelessly to ensure that we gain their trust, and confidence. Everything else takes care of itself.

They experience the extra effort that our team puts in to ensure success for their incentives, meetings and events. Extra effort or extra hours doesn’t mean extra cost to our clients. We don’t believe in billing by the hour! (really, who likes that anyway) Our fair percentage-based fee is enough. Our true pay off is when our client’s satisfaction leads to a multiple year engagement.

With client relationships ranging from brand new to over thirty years, something seems to be working!

Do YOU want to Know More? Enjoy the site and send any comments or requests to You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and sign up for our newsletter!

Before Meridican came on board, we were not adequately promoting our incentive trip to our sales team. With Meridican’s advice and counsel, we saw an immediate improvement in our promotional communication and subsequently much better sales results overall. The Meridican team has meshed with our sales team so effectively that everyone sees the results–our sales reps and our management team.

Senior Vice President, SalesAtlantic Packaging

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