Teams work better when they play together

We’re serious about having fun.
One thing we’ve learned over three decades of planning travel incentives, meetings and events is that all work and no play sure takes the shine off reporting to the office. What’s to be done?

Jack up the fun factor with a customized program that suits your people and your budget. Get down with team building, pump up the high performers, push out the brand, pull in the loyalty.

Draw a large winner’s circle, and on the count of three, encourage every level of your team to take one giant leap forward.
Reinvent. Revitalize. Surprise.

The Spotlight is on…

Before Meridican came on board, we were not adequately promoting our incentive trip to our sales team. With Meridican’s advice and counsel, we saw an immediate improvement in our promotional communication and subsequently much better sales results overall. The Meridican team has meshed with our sales team so effectively that everyone sees the results–our sales reps and our management team.

Bob Hagan, Senior Vice President, SalesAtlantic Packaging

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