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What happens when you’re all set to fly but Mother Nature has other (malevolent) plans?

If your event planner has outsourced your air travel–as many do in this era of no commission and reduced air service fees–you may be stuck dialing a nameless, faceless call centre.

If, however, you’ve booked the flight with the same company that plans your conference, event, meeting or incentive trip, you’re golden. You are being monitored by a team of accountable people; people you actually know.  Here at Meridican, for instance, you get a single, 24/7 point of contact when the going gets rough.

Despite these benefits, many of our competitors have outsourced corporate travel because, quite frankly, it’s a lot of work for a low return. This arms-length approach, however, can put a client’s plans, if not at risk, definitely at a disadvantage.

Case in point:

It was a dark and stormy day. (Really, it was.)

A brutal February snowstorm hit Thunder Bay just as Lynn Edey was pulling up to the Air Canada terminal. Lynn, Director of Sales – Canada, Alexandria Moulding, was scheduled to fly to Toronto where he would overnight before catching a 10 a.m. flight to Arizona for a conference.

Just as Lynn approached the AC counter, he was informed that his Toronto flight had been cancelled due to weather. Lynn called Nagesh, our Air Manager, who jumped into action. “I’m going to put you on hold for a bit,” Nagesh said. “Hang tight.”

A few anxious minutes later Lynn heard a click on the line.

“Lynn, Porter airlines has exactly one seat left and it now has your name on it,” said Nagesh, adding, “it leaves in 20 minutes.”

Not only did Lynn make it to Toronto that day, and then depart for Arizona the next, exactly as scheduled, he also has an Amazing Race-caliber story to share.

When Meridican has your back, you’ll never be eliminated.


A couple of years ago I was stranded in a snowstorm and thought I wouldn’t make it on the trip, but Nagesh found a way and got me rebooked immediately–it was so easy! Nagesh is very resourceful and helpful, we will always book our flights through Meridican–if we run into trouble, I know he’ll help us out and get us where we need to go.
Lynn Edey – Director Sales, Canada
Alexandria Moulding

Top 3 Reasons Why You Always Win with an In-House Air Team

1. A Friend indeed. You have one point of contact (you know their name; they know yours)

2. Team work. Because our in-house air team is in close contact with our program managers and our on-site team, we can identify and deal with a problem as soon as it arises.

3. One call away. Your point of contact is available 24/7 for emergencies

4. Respect the wallet. We never settle with the first price. We research, we dig and then we negotiate to get the best deal for your group.


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