Case Study: Incentive Travel



Lombard Insurance is a leader in the Canadian commercial property and casualty insurance management market. Lombard’s CEO wanted to reward and show appreciation for approximately 45 of Lombard’s top-tiered brokers who, combined, were responsible for bringing in 75 per cent of the company’s business. The CEO challenged us to develop a wholly unique incentive and teambuilding experience—something that had never been done before.


How do you create a never-been-done-before program for a group of people who already have it all? Caribbean Cruise? Been there. Golf trip? Done that. Terry, our VP, had a meeting with Chris, who’s in charge of business development and has been with us for 13 years, and together they brainstormed.

coloured Porsches with crowd of Lombard Executives


Annual  Road Rallies. With Ferrari 458s, Porsche 911s and Dodge Vipers—all convertibles, of course. Base the rallies in the hottest destinations with the best driving roads and highways:  Munich’s autobahn where there is no speed limit; Los Angeles, playground of the world’s most famous celebs; the San Francisco coast to Napa Valley where the views are heavenly and the smell of salt water is in the air; and from Phoenix to Sonoma through windy and hilly roads.

Then overnight at the best of the best hotels. Smoke high-end cigars and toast the end of an adrenaline-fuelled day at a five-star restaurant.


“Meridican approached this unique program with the idea that Lombard and Meridican would work as one team. I think this approach made all the difference in the success of the event.”

Rick Patina, Chairman and CEOLombard Canada


The program ran for four years, and only ended with the CEO’s retirement.

The brokers vowed to never miss a rally and kept supporting Lombard to the highest degree in order to secure a spot each year. The return on investment was phenomenal and the experiences unforgettable.

Each year, the programs were different and took months of pre-planning. Chris liaised with local DMCs and hoteliers, and even a professional motocross racer who knew secret backcountry routes. The professional racer took the group through ghost towns and country roads and showed them sites many locals never see.

Chris conducted pre-program site inspections for every destination, and drove proposed routes to make sure they would be suitable for the group. In some cases, he made adjustments based on road conditions or to pump up the ‘wow’ factor.

And the execs were pumped. In fact, they’re still pumped. Even though a few years have passed since the last program, they continue to talk about it to this day. Chris received comments like: “Incredible!” and “This is the best incentive program ever!” and “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Says Chris, “I honestly don’t know of another incentive company, like ours, who has ever done anything quite like this program.”

Lombard Canada Luxury Car Road Rally in Germany