When You Face An Uphill Ride, Even A Little Push Helps!

Or is it a pull?

With our day-to-day lives, most of us are the unknown riders of the peloton working toward the goal of winning for the team without personal acclaim. But it is important to keep in mind that without our support, the goal cannot be reached.

With Tour de France winding down, a cycling focussed blog seemed apropos!

At Meridican, our focus however is not on the professionals of the sport. Our favorite pelotons are those that give of themselves to aid others like the Wellspring Peloton Challenge that each year raises money to assist those living with cancer.

Each fall several teams of dedicated cyclists ride over 3,000 kilometres in 7 days to raise money and awareness for this noble cause. Supported during the ride by a strong logistics team of volunteers and corporate sponsors, they raise close to $500,000. This is an incredible achievement given the small group involved. This year, the cyclists will be riding from Toronto, Ontario to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Meridican’s efforts in support of the ride are minor in comparison to the efforts of riders, yet it is a cause we all can appreciate, as cancer touches most of us in some way. We have contributed Aeroplan points to assist in reducing return flight costs from New Orleans.  Founded in 1992, Wellspring is an innovative and growing network of community-based centres that collectively offer over 40 different cancer support programs. Wellspring provides these services at no charge and without need of medical referral to individuals, family members and professional caregivers living with cancer.

Wellspring charges no fees and receives no government or other core funding. Programs and operations are made possible through the generosity of donors.

The point of this blog is to encourage everyone reading it to act when you see or hear of something that moves you. Act in any way you can, every supportive action is a benefit.

Be creative, pick a cause that your office or family can support. The benefits of self-satisfaction are all the proceeds you will ever need.

You can find out more about Wellspring and the Peloton Challenge at www.wellspringride.ca.

Follow them on Twitter – @WellspringCAN

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