It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

Sometimes, we need to take a look on the inside, in order to make changes for the better on the outside.

This is true for all of us: in our various roles as parents, partners, friends; as members of our respective families and the communities.

It’s also true for business.

Including ours.

So, we decided to train the lens inwards, on ourselves, and this is what we discovered:


Despite being in business for 32 years, we’ve remained remarkably consistent with our people (more on this later) and, specifically speaking, our organizational structure.


What’s changed in three-plus decades is our growth. And with growth comes some growing pains such as outdated mechanisms for reporting and communicating. The tin can telephone, for instance, worked like a charm when it was just Anthony Byron, our President, and Terry Manion, our Executive Vice President.

Now we are 34  employees strong. We have three fulsome departments: sales, operations and transportation that buzz with activities and ideas all day, every minute of the day.

What we needed, we realized, were more channels for cross-functional communication. This would allow us to continue to build on our successes, to deliver cream of the crop incentive travel and meetings programs as we always have, and to keep up our legacy of exemplary service without skipping a beat.

“But how?”

“But how?” we asked ourselves as we continued to look through that proverbial lens… and… that’s when it hit us! The answers were right in front of us in the form of our very own, long-term team members: Brett Fair, Nagesh Peri and Joanne Keating.

By promoting these fine folks to Director roles within their areas of expertise – sales, transportation and operations, respectively – we could put those cross-functional communication channels in place.

Introducing our new Directors

Here’s what Brett, our new Director of Sales, says about the new and improved Meridican: “I am extremely excited to lead this newly formed team of incredible people. Cross-functional sharing of our deep industry knowledge and our years of experience will make us even better and even more responsive.”

Nagesh, our new Director of Transportation, says, “While our clients have always received the best service, and the most innovative travel and meetings solutions, with communication flowing better, we can make decisions and changes even faster.”

Joanne, our new Director of Operations, added, “Anthony and Terry have set us up for success, and now it’s time to build on our foundation and strengths. We have a remarkably talented and dedicated team whose contributions over the years have helped us attract new clients and team members. In the months ahead, we will continue to focus on the needs of our clients and implement best practices that will continue to benefit them.”

Whole lot of experience

Near the beginning of this article, we mentioned that consistency in team members is one of our strengths. With that in mind we offer you this:

Brett: 22 years at Meridican and 29 years in the industry

Nagesh: 8 years at Meridican and 41 years in industry

Joanne: 11 years at Meridican and 29 years in the industry

Totalled, these three Directors, alone, have an astounding 41 years at Meridican.

Combined, they have a whopping 99 years of experience in the meetings and incentive travel industry.

And that adds up to a whole lot of experience, which is great for our clients!

… It just goes to show: sometimes, you need not look any further than inside.


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