About Meridican

We are in the business of motivation.

We manufacture memories and experiences through spectacular incentives and transformative CSR programs, by planning and executing highly creative meetings, special events and corporate branding initiatives. Our programs motivate your people to work smarter, strive further, be better. When we talk about us, we’re really talking about you. Why? Because our relationship with clients is collaborative, our team is an extension of your team.

Here’s how it works:

  • Discovery

    We dig deep, probing into the heart and soul of your company culture. We take time to understand your goals (short-term and long-term), your budget and your challenges. We uncover which programs have worked in the past, which haven’t—and why. What will best motivate your people and drive results? You talk. We listen.

  • Research

    If you are looking for incentive travel or meeting planning services, we search for destinations, accommodation, venues and activities that will blow your mind, not your budget. If merchandise incentives or rewards fit your needs, our extensive list of products will certainly meet every audience and budget requirement. We have clout in the industry and we’re not afraid to use it. We’ll negotiate with our extensive supplier network to secure the best deal for you. Our solutions are customized, not cookie cutter. If it doesn’t fit your criteria, it doesn’t make the cut.

  • Launch

    Did it just get hot in here? You bet it did. That’s because your people will get all fired up over the campaigns we design to hype your programs, whether it’s for an event, a meeting or an incentive program. We do it all. Teaser campaigns, live or electronic launches, visuals, video and print. We do whatever it takes to create the excitement you need.

  • Execute

    Rest easy, we’ve got you covered! Our meeting and incentive travel team will coordinate all aspects of every event. Working with airlines, hotels, ground operators, caterers and many more of our trusted partners Meridican brings your event vision to life. Our merchandise and reward teams will research the products that fit your needs. We will create award systems then track and manage redemptions. Direct shipping to your recipients takes the worry and the logistics off your desk and on to ours!

  • Evaluate

    Your program may be over, but our work is not. We conduct a post-program evaluation to determine what we did right (and what we can do better). We want to know: Was the program successful in achieving its goals? Was the return on investment realized? Did the hype live up to end result? You tell us. We listen. And then, we start preparations for your next program!