Here’s Why Winning a Site Crystal Award Is More Than Glittery Sparkle

The team here at Meridican is proud to announce that we won the 2018 Crystal Award for Excellence in Incentive Travel: Asia Pacific! Of course, we all love basking in the recognition of winning the award, and tossing around a few bragging rights amongst our industry peers. But the real power behind the glittery sparkle of the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) Crystal Award, widely considered “the highest honour in our industry,” is the key message it conveys to current and potential clients. 

What’s the message? Simply put: Excellence and experience. That said, it’s not simple at all, as evidenced by SITE’s criteria for the Crystal Award:

  • ROI – What’s the effectiveness of the Incentive in driving results?
  • Cost Management and Budget Maximization – How does the team use resources and partnerships creatively to get the most out of the client’s investment?
  • Creativity – Are the experiences customized for each client? Are they aligned with the client’s brand/identity?
  • Logistics and Implementation – How does the team handle complexity and overcoming obstacles? Do they forge successful partnerships?

This criteria cuts the wheat from the chaff, don’t you think? And wouldn’t it be an effective tool for clients to use when selecting their incentive travel partner?

All this to say: industry awards are more than just pretty tchotchkes and bragging bullhorns; instead, they represent important intel for clients and prospects.  Sure, many client RFPs include a question about awards and special recognitions the organization has earned, but… and this is a big but… they don’t often drill down to ask the question: What  did it take to win these awards? What was the criteria? The answer to this question could be very helpful in revealing the substance under all that glittery sparkle.

For more information about how we won this year’s Crystal Award click here to watch a short video and click here to view the case study.

Special Thanks and Recognition

Our thanks to SITE for this great honour.

Our gratitude to our tremendous client US Foods, our DMC partner ID Events Australia and our host hotel The Sofitel Darling Harbour, Sydney.

And a big congratulations to the other 2018 SITE Crystal Award category winners!

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